Influencers and online creators play a key role in creating a mindset of average consumers. They show what is on top at the moment, what we should be afraid of etc. It’s no different when it comes to pesticides and food safety. But to talk about health topic they need to know how and where to look for reliable information. That is why PSOR created a dedicated educational panel for all internet influencers taking part in the second biggest event Influencer Live in Poznań. Aleksandra Mrowiec accompanied by Crazy Nauka (science influencers), Nishka (parenting influencer) and Michał Górecki discussed the importance of fact checking, using reliable sources and turning into the science to find the right answers.

We also created a dedicated space for everyone wanting to talk about food safety and pollinators. Over 50 influencers visited our zone and shared information about PSOR and our campaigns with their viewers. They’ve created 25 different stories with the reach of 62.000.