Key issues related to fake and illegal pesticides were the focus of the public debate Responsible food production, key challenges organised together by PSOR and General Inspectorate of Plant Health  (GIORiN) represented by Andrzej Chodkowski.

Jerzy Chróścikowski, chair of the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee of Senate, upper house of the Polish parliament, addressed the issues related to illegal pesticides in his introductory speech to the debate.

Plant protection products are medicines for plants. Like all medicines, they should be used with precaution and in a responsible manner – said the senator.

Representatives of food producers and enforcement authorities agreed that to be effective in a fight with illegal pesticides common activities are needed.

Participants committed themselves to support PSOR’s campaigns, to make sure its members are familiar with website and Farmer John video material. Organisations agreed to adopt formal conclusions to say “No to illegal pesticides”.