Over 5.000 Poles joined PSOR educational campaign to help the pollinators. #PomagamyPszczołomBezLipy (We help bees without wind-up) is our new initiative that encourages everyone to create more bee-friendly environment by seeding special plants. Doesn’t matter if it’s in the city or in the village. All it takes is one small bag with seeds.

#PomagamyPszczołomBezLipy was created in cooperation with the Our Earth Foundation and was launched on the first day of spring (May 20th) with the dedicated event on Facebook. Our first action was planting of the linden in The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin and since then we’ve given away over 60 kg of seeds that created almost 15.000 m2 of beautiful meadows . #PomagamyPszczołomBezLipy is also really popular among schools and kindergartens. They are helping by creating very own small gardens outside their building. All fans are sharing their photos and stories in the discussion section of the event – we have almost 40 different stories. Our campaign is also present during all PSOR events – we encourage influencers to spread the words and join the action.

We’ve also talked about #PomagamyPszczołmBezLipy during media interviews before the International Bee Day.

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