Promotion of responsible and modern farming in Poland is of a key interest for Polish Crop Protection Association. In order to present the specifics of industry and all activities undertaken to showcase a true face of the crop protection industry, we’ve created a special report “Aim: Sustainable farming”. Companies and industry institutions undertake numerous promotional activities around the world, including Poland, on the topic of the responsible and sustainable use of pesticides. Many topics are initiated by the industry itself, as we understand the importance of using our products legally and responsibly.

By creating the report we want to influence the perception of pesticides by Poles, and also convince them that manufacturing food with the use of such innovative tools as our products is both safe and consumer-beneficial. That’s why we’ve launch the publication during a dedicated media breakfast. We’ve invited all key trade journalist to discuss about the future of Polish agriculture and its way to sustainability.  It met with a positive media response resulting in dozen of publications.

To download the report in PL and ENG version, please click the link:

Rolnictwo zrównoważone – cel do którego dążymy