Educating farmers about responsible purchase, use and disposal  plant protection products packaging is one of the most important issues for PSOR. In order to spread knowledge, PSOR teamed up with agriculture influencers – the Bardowscy family. A series of short videos was created, educating about the safe usages, System PSOR and purchase of PPP’s. First two are already available on their YouTube channel – HERE.

PSOR also rewards farmers for their responsible purchase, use and disposal of packaging of plant protection products in cooperation with the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund (KRUS). During the 16th Safe Farm Competition PSOR rewarded farmers who use plant protection products in a safe and responsible way. Sixteen finalists received sets of protective clothing for spraying. The special prize, a weekend in SPA, was given to the farmers from the Mazovia Province – Marzena and Grzegorz Czerwonka – for their special care of safe storage and use of plant protection products.