Taking care of environment and helping farmers produce safe and healthy food is of a great importance for sustainable agriculture. That’s why PSOR, as a voice of industry, partnered with the biggest economic daily Rzeczpospolita to present our activities in the matter.

Marcin Mucha took part in the debate dedicated to circular economy showcasing the solution created 15 years ago by the industry – System PSOR. He talked about the challenges faced by the industry and the undertaken actions to answer the needs of safe environment.

We also co-organized with Rzeczpospolita daily a second debate called “Is Polish food safe?”. Together with representatives of Polish government and science we talked about the regulations, education and understanding of the food safety in Poland. All guests of the debates, Mrs. Nina Dobrzyńska from the Ministry of Agriculture, MD PhD Jan Krzysztof Ludwicki from The National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene and MD Regina Wierzejska from the National Food and Nutrition Institute, agree that education is a key action. All parties underlined that the Polish food is safe and healthy. There’s a problem with the public understating and perception of the term “healthy food”. That’s why we all need to fight with the myths and misinterpretations.