How do farmers produce the food we eat? What are crop protection products? Is the food we eat safe? It’s been five years since we’ve started our journey of Pryskane? Nie szkodzi campaign. We’ve been educating Poles about the role of crop protection products in two thematic areas: food safety and the biodiversity. Our campaign and message evolved within those years but we were present with the same message answering key question: why do we need crop protection products? We’ve been:

  • educating young consumers at schools
  • organizing dedicated media meetings
  • initiating discussion in mainstream media
  • joining Key Opinion Leaders in talks about the food safety and circular economy
  • speaking to consumers & influencers during numerous events
  • creating educational materials about the pollinators and encouraging Poles to create a bee-friendly meadows
  • showing farmers & bee keepers the best practices of joint cooperation for the health of pollinators
  • creating a social media channels to spread our message & cooperation with influencers.

Our campaign reached over 25 million people! The perception has shifted and we’ve been heard.

Join us in short recap of our action & campaign Pryskane? Nie szkodzi.

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