Biodiversity is one of the key topics that PSOR focuses on this year. Creating pollinator-friendly zones doesn’t matter if it’s in the city or in the village, is one of the main idea behind our #PomagamyPszczołomBezLipy initiative. In 2020 we are broadening the topic with more insight about different species that pollinate our plants. Together with teachers and experts we prepared an educational program addressed to primary school pupils in grades I-III and IV-VI. Dedicated biology lesson will unable pupils to  learn about the life and importance of pollinators for the environment. The idea that’s stays behind the initiative is to teach and change the mindset of young people. We all need biodiversity and each one of us may choose to either destroy or protect it the biodiversity. All teachers interested in running the lesson will be able to download a free set of learning and graphic materials from website in section LEKCJE W SZKOŁACH – check HERE


We are promoting the use of materials as an on-line option as well. Remember you can learn while #stayingathome.