Over 5 000 Poles joined our #PomagamyPszczołomBezLipy campaign. During seven months we were encouraging people to create bee-friendly environment by sowing flower meadows.

Together with Our Earth Foundation we’ve launched the campaign on the first day of spring (May 20th) with the dedicated event on Facebook. We’ve encouraged Poles in different occasions as TV and radio interviews,  influencers events etc. to join us, plant seeds and share photos with us and their followers. We received feedback from more than 500 people.

We have also created a dedicated set of melliferous plant seeds, the packaging allowed us to tell the story about the action itself as well as about the importance of pollinators. We gave away over 5 000 bags with seeds #PomagamyPszczołomBezLipy.

#PomagamyPszczołomBezLipy was present during many events organized all over Poland:

  • presentation and planting of the linden in The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin and Conference „A bee in the city” for youngsters (over 200 participants)
  • events for influencers: Influencer Live in Poznań & See Bloggers in Łódź (over 3 000 participants)
  • International Congress of Lifestyle Medicine – a congress organized for doctors & dietitians (over 300 participants)
  • ECO Picnic in Świdnica (over 500 participants)
  • Picnic for Women in Łódź (over 25 participants)
  • we also organized dedicated street event in Warsaw at the Metro Centrum station. (over 500 packages given away)

As pollinators play a key role in ecosystem we can’t forget that their wellbeing also depend on the good cooperation between farmers and beekeepers. Therefore part of the educational activities was a close cooperation with farmers influencers – Bardowscy and creating a dedicated video promoting the cooperation between farmers and beekeepers.


PSOR was also a partner of the conference “Beekeeper of the Year” organized in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. During the conference PSOR expert presented the campaign #PomagamyPszczołomBezLipy, which gained great interest and appreciation from beekeepers’. Many of them expressed their willingness to cooperate with PSOR and promote our initiative.

As #PomagamyPszczołomBezLipy campaign got attention PSOR experts were also invited to conduct dedicated lessons about role of pollinators in food production for students of primary school. The pilot project took a place in primary school in Ursynów where Joanna and Aleksandra taught 5 and 7 graders about different species of well- and less known pollinators, about the species of edible plants they pollinate, about the importance of cooperation between a farmer and a beekeeper. The lesson at school ended with the preparation of a joint poster.

PSOR experts Aleksandra and Joanna was interviewed with several occasions about the initiative and industry’s actions for pollinators protection:

  • Polsat


  • TVP3