Do the dietitians and doctors know the role of plant protection products? Are they open for a discussion about the food safety? We’ve teamed up with Polish Society of Lifestyle Medicine to educate and discuss about pesticides residues during the 1st International Congress of Lifestyle Medicine held in Warsaw on the Medical University. With a dedicated zone and discussion panel „Food: from the field – to the table. Are we to be afraid?” we faced the myths and concerns of food experts, future doctors and dietitians. Aleksandra Mrowiec from PSOR sit together with Jarosław Pinkas (Main Sanitary Inspectorate), Magdalena Siuba Strzelińska (The Institute of Food and Nutrition and the Main Sanitary Inspectorate), Grzegorz Łapanowski (founder of the “School on the fork foundation”) and Grzegorz Bardowski (agriculture influencer) to talk about the path of products from the field to our dishes.

Partnered by ECPA and its campaign „With or without” we’ve held many interesting and inspiring conversations with about food and its impact on our body. Conference participants had been enjoyed the juices and vegetable hummus prepared by us.

We were also present in the media:

TVP Agrobiznes

Radio Dla Ciebie