Beginning of the year is always busy for farmers. It’s the time when they buy crop protection products. Sometimes from a neighbour, trunk of a car or on internet auctions. It’s also the time when organized crime take advantage of the farmers’ ignorance. That is why PSOR joined forces with KAS and PIORiN and agriculture influencers to educate about the illegal pesticides.

Second edition of campaign “When buying fakes, you lose many times!” held in cooperation with KAS and PIORiN started in January. 10.000 posters and folders in Polish, Russian and English languages were distributed to 16 local inspectorates of PIORiN and 16 Custom Offices, including 8 airports.



What is the risk of illegal purchase, how to buy responsibility? We’ve educated farmers using YouTube channels of four known agriculture influencers: Grzegorz Bardowski, Słomka Mówi, Kula and Rolnik Nieprofesjonalny . Dedicated videos gained the reach of over 201 thousand views and 532 comments.

To watch:

Bardowscy – click HERE

Słomek Mówi – click HERE

Kula – click HERE

Rolnik NIEprofesjonalny – click HERE