During the last week of June PSOR was invited to present its experience in anti-counterfeiting activities in Poland at the 2nd Europol Intellectual Property Crime Conference.

Plant protection products are medicines for plants and as every medicine, should be used with precaution and in a responsible manner. To ensure our safety as well as the environment, their use is under strict control, what cannot be said about illicit, and counterfeit pesticides– said Mikhail Malkov, FAO, leading the debate.

PSOR continues its proactive approach in this topic since 2007. We constantly need to support law enforcement, that is why we run trainings, seminars and workshops. Also together with the support of national authorities we run educational campaign aimed at farmers, because prevention is a key factor in this uneven fight – said Aleksandra Mrowiec from PSOR.

We’ve showcased how the effective communication looks like and what we’re doing in terms of prevention and education. “Farmers John” video was being broadcasted during event at ECPA stand.