20th of May 2018 was the first International Bees Day. We took this opportunity to educate journalists in lifestyle and popular media. We created a special PSOR area in Burda Media, the publisher of lifestyle magazines such as Elle, InStyle, Glamour, Claudia or Focus. While serving fresh fruit juices titled with our #PryskaneNieSzkodzi we talked to the journalists about the health of bees & other pollinators and explained why proper used PPPs are safe for them. The information sessions alongside with distribution of explanatory leaflets that were handed out with seeds of bee-friendly flowers resulted in conversations with 80 journalists including numerous 1 to 1 meetings with reporters from different magazines.

We also initiated wide discussion around bees health and pollinators wellbeing in the context of agriculture and pesticides use in Radio 4 “Stacja nauka”, Radio dla Ciebie “Popołudnie z animuszem”.

We were also present in one of the Radio Zet and the main news TV station in Poland – Polsat News, with 4 materials about the health of honey bees and use of the crop protection products.

We also created and published a dedicated video about the cooperation of farmer and beekeeper for the well-being of bees.