What are plant protection products, mostly known as pesticides? Is “sprayed” food healthy? What does pesticides residues in food means? Does pesticides kill bees? Is pesticides use under control? Those are key doubts that arouse around food production, pesticides use and agriculture in general. To educate and fight with those myths  PSOR decided to team up with See Bloggers – the biggest event for social influencers in Poland.  We’ve created a special PSOR area with fresh seasonal fruits, cold pressed juices and “Life of a bee” virtual reality experience.

See Bloggers is an unusual event in every respect. Nowhere else in Poland can we meet with so many creative people who are not only curious about healthy lifestyle, but also want to share their views using the most powerful medium in today’s world, the Internet. That is why we could have not missed it – said Aleksandra Mrowiec, PSOR.

Over 1000 influencers benefited from 30kg of fresh seasonal fruits and of 2000 fresh juices. Due to their social media publications, we have a public of over 400,000 people consequently expanding the reach of the pesticide use debate “Pryskane nie szkodzi”.