Influencers and online creators play a key role in creating a mindset of average consumers. They show what is on top at the moment, what we should be afraid of etc. It’s no different when it comes to pesticides and food safety. That is why in 2019 we were present during two major influencers event in Poland: Influencer Live in Poznań and See Bloggers in Łódź. We’ve created dedicated PSOR’s areas with about food safety & biodiversity where we’ve spread our messages around crop protection and farming. In Poznań we’ve also organized a dedicated discussion panel about fake news & importance of fact based communication. About 2 500 influencers visited our zones during these events and shared the message on their channels reaching over 540 000 people.

One of the influencers that took part in our panel discussion raised the topic of crop protection products, natural vs synthethic and the fake news on his blog:

But we did not stop there – we’ve continued cooperation with Łukasz Sakowski, the biologist and the author of the blog “To tylko teoria”. A great interest of his audience is ensured, among other things, by the accurate deconstruction of conspiracy theories that appear in the web. Blog coverage: 155,000 users, an average of 340,000 users visit the blog every year. As part of the cooperation, Łukasz Sakowski wrote articles about mycotoxins, global warming and the agriculture: