In the third quarter of 2018, the media were electrified with the topic of neonicotinoids. The decision of the Minister of Agriculture who allowed farmers cultivating rapeseed to use two insecticide products based on clothianidin and thiamethoxam triggered a wide discussion in the media and on social channels. Neonicotinoids arouse great controversy, mainly in the context of their impact on pollinators and there was an extensive discussion. But there were also voices of reason among journalists and influencers, like:

Marcin Rotkiewicz from Polityka saying that this is not a sentence of death for pollinators – read HERE.

Łukasz Sakowski from To Tylko Teoria in Newsweek underlining the manipulation from Greenpeace – read HERE.

Scientists and bee-keepers:

  • p.h.d Zbigniew Kołtowski in Polskie Radio 3 underlining that there’s no conventional agriculture without plant protection products:, if we use it with good practice and according to label  the bees will be safe:
  • prof. Wilde in TOK FM underlining that the suspension of neonicotinoids induce the high usage of conventional pesticides and the bees’ poisoning is the result of incorrect usage of pesticides – listen HERE.

PSOR also commented on the decision in agriculture media. Read statements of Marcin Mucha, director PSOR HERE .

The leader of the opponents of neonicotinoids was Katarzyna Jagiełło (Greenpeace Polska’s activist), who accused the Minister of passing a death sentence for bees. On the 8th of August, Greenpeace activists and bee breeders protested at the Ministry of Agriculture.