The pursuit of a balanced diet has led almost all of us to aspire to a „healthy lifestyle” based only on „healthy food”. Does „healthy food” really exist or is it just a product of marketing, though? PSOR answered these and other questions during the second edition of the Warsaw Culinary Festival. An event, which has gathered both professionals and amateurs of good food, best products and culinary design.

‘Debates, workshops, culinary experts – all in one place. The Warsaw Culinary Event was a unique opportunity for us to educate about food production and the role of plant protection products. We tackled the most common myths about pesticides and presented the audience with scientific data’, said Aleksandra Mrowiec from PSOR.

During the Festival, the duo of experts – Aleksandra Mrowiec and Joanna Gałązka took part in a discussion panel, discussing the widely understood concept of „healthy food”. Should we only buy  ecological food, are there any PPP’s residues in Polish fruits and vegetables? What is that “healthy food” term and how can we design our diet correctly?

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