Farmer’s education is a crucial point for PSORs daily activities. We spread knowledge about responsible purchase, use and getting rid of packaging. At the same time we educate consumers about farming and food production, about reasons of using pesticides.

Consumers expectations regarding food are rising. Everyone wants to eat well and healthy. On the other hand an average Pole is learning about agriculture and food production from internet and influencers. That is why they are afraid of everything that is “chemical” in farming, and that fear comes from false beliefs – says Aleksandra Mrowiec during experts panel at 60th Anniversary National Conference of Plant Orchard “Rational protection – minimum of residues” organized by the Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice.

She also pointed out there’s an experts and farmers voice missing in the debate, a voice that should educate not frighten. Consumers need to feel secure about the food they eat. If problems exist e.g. exceeding of MRL’s or illegal pesticides in use, all of us – the farmers, the authorities and the experts, should consequently fight with it. We cannot pass the responsibility for the food quality on the consumer.

Always in the Spring we alert farmers not to buy pesticides from unknown/illegal sources because they may affect the plants, the environment and the farmer’s health.

As producers of plant protection products we take responsibility for providing safe products, submitted to years of research and strict legal requirements. But that’s not all, we take numerous actions to minimize the problem of illegal products” – said Marcin Mucha, from PSOR during a conference in Grójec ‘Zero tolerance – lack of exceeded PPP MRLs a chance for Polish apples’, organised by Unia Owocowa.