2018 was a year of interesting conferences, debates and meetings. We had the opportunity to present our voice and discuss an important role of PPP’s in agriculture, food safety, responsible purchase and safe use of PPPs. 4th quarter was filled with challenging debates and actions with PSOR participation.

5th Food Safety Congress, The Orchard and Garden Conference, 5th Conference of Food Markets Project and National Agricultural Exhibition – each of the events aimed at different target groups, who in fact all were involved actively in a wide discussion about agriculture, biodiversity and food production.

We’ve talked with over 1.000 of people, who often had a preconception about our industry and our views about pesticides use, role and impact. Mostly, they were surprised to learn that there was common ground for discussion, that we present a reasonable and constructive approach.

Those events were great opportunities for PSOR to present its involvement in sustainable agriculture and safe food production. All above activities were supported by social media presence (FB, FBTT, Instagram) .